About – PigletinFrance

I’m a thirty something British girl living in rural France . After giving birth to my first child in April 2011, I had many complications due to a medical negligence and was left bed ridden for over a month.

I’d been complaining of stiffness for a while but had put it down to the fact that I wasn’t moving. Unfortunately after my recovery the stiffness didn’t subside and some days I was barely able to walk or type. Looking after a new born baby was a hard task!

I was quickly diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis and as I have a family history of the illness I was upset as I knew what to expect. The Dr’s were quick to put me on Anti-Inflammatory medication and other drugs but as a breastfeeding mother I did not want to take them. So I started to research what I could do to control my illness naturally. It was then that I discovered the Anti-Inflammatory diet and after a couple of weeks of following it I felt completely different! The pain was finally subsiding and I could walk without hobbling!

Through this blog I hope to be able to share some of the meals that I enjoy as well as how I cope living with disease in the land of wonderful cheeses and bread, France .

I’m not a Dr so this is only my experience, medical advice should be sought before following any type of diet or regime.

My personal blog about every day life in France can be read here: pigletinfrance.wordpress.com 


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