About – PigletinPortugal

Before starting the anti-inflammatory diet I felt bloated and tired. My joints ached, especially my knees and I experienced problems walking up and down stairs.

I discovered the Anti-inflammatory diet while staying at our daughters in France.

“Mum, you are going to have to eat what we eat!”
she said in a basically like it or lump it tone of voice, and that was that!

“NO Gluten and NO Dairy, NO potatoes (except sweet potatoes), NO aubergines, NO tomatoes and no pork (I occasionally eat pork)!”

A little sceptical, but willing to at least try an alternative approach to my food, I completely changed my diet during our stay and the results were amazing! After eight days I could not only walk up and down stairs without clinging to the handrail, but I also lost weight and had more energy!

My food “journey” has only just began and I am now on a mission to discover and adapt as many recipes as possible. If you would like to try my recipes but are in any doubt about the suitability of the ingredients for you, please do check with your health specialist first.

Please share your favourite gluten and/or dairy free recipes we’d love to hear from you!


One response to “About – PigletinPortugal

  1. That’s really amazing. I eat sweet potatoes too, as I think they’re much healthier. So glad you’ve found what works for your condition, but a piglet without pork sounds very strange. šŸ˜‰

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